"I Like...Terror & Suspense" Art by Paula Mayo

Paula was born in the city of Medellín / Colombia and currently lives in the city of Pereira / Colombia, where she have lived most of her life.

Since she was little she had an affinity with art. She liked to draw a lot at school, but it wasn't till October 2014 that she decided to make art her profession.

Paula began to draw daily and teach herself artistic mediums. In addition to illustration, painting and tattooing she also has explored other branches of art such as the cinema.She has assisted as Art Director in several cinematographic projects. She's also dawned the hats of artistic makeup director and characterization fx.

Paula has plans to sculpt in different materials, among them marble. She is also very interested in engravings.

"I am a lover of darkness, esotericism and mysticism that have marked me throughout my life; I have researched and practiced it for a large part of my time. In my work, the cult of Lilith and the moon as a muse and mother are very reflected," said Paula.

She likes terror and suspense in literature and movies. Music is also a very important part of her work, since it accompanies her while working on a project.

One of Paula's favorite bands is Therion. She also loves Gothic Metal, Darkwave, Dark ambient, Symphonic music, Doom and Folk metal.

Paula says the music she listens to is reflected in a large part of her works. So be sure to look for the Goth and Dark ambient notes in her work.

For more information on Paula, you can visit her website: www.paulamayo.wixsite.com/paulamayoart

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