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Justin Gedak. Surreal Gothic Fantasy Art.

I stumbled across Justin's work one day and immediately had to buy one. His surreal Gothic fantasy artwork speaks to me on another level. As you view his work, I am sure you can relate.

(Another slide show below article)

His entire theme is based around the concept of individuals who have gone through times of trouble, and survived to be stronger for it. "Characters who've endured the worst of life, but still managed to maintain and enhance their sense of strength, beauty, and honor. Warriors who refuse defeat."

Art is always personal. For the artist and the viewer. I've always said there is a connection between an artist and a viewer when someone's creation speaks to both of you on a deep level. It it not explainable. And I think Gedak's work does just that.

At one of my first art shows, a woman stood in front of one of my pieces of art crying. It was titled, "Zephyr". I asked her why she was crying and she said," This is my life right now." She felt the art on such a deep level. She told me she couldn't afford the artwork or she would buy it immediately. If the piece wasn't signed with the gallery I would have taken it right off the wall and given it to her. When I painted that piece, it is what I felt at that time...and a perfect stranger was now identifying with my own pain and the artwork that resulted. That piece should have belonged to her.

I believe that many women can relate to Gedak's work on that same deep level. They've weathered something difficult in their life and survived. They are warrior women. I just love that Gedak not only has originals but also has made his artwork available in prints. Artwork at a price that every person can afford.

Gedak said, "Creating artwork has been a way of exploring the shadowy places existing within myself. A form of self-discovery in its own way. I've always said that coming up with my ideas is like pulling strange shapes out from a dark corner; not knowing what's coming, but pulling anyway.

With every creation comes a mystery to be explored. A story to be experienced. The not knowing of what comes next is what drives me forward. What pushes me to keep creating. To keep learning and growing. To never stop changing."

Check out the slideshow below to see some of his artwork.

Also check out his Facebook page and website:

-Moon Chick

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