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Forest Witch & Model Psychara

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Interview by Trouble.

Where were you born?

Zaandam, The Netherlands

Zaandam, The Nethers

Where do you currently live? Breda, The Netherlands !

How long have you been modeling? I started doing photo-shoot when I was 16. Nothing professionally, I just enjoyed being creative with my looks and working together with photographers, and that’s what I still rather call it; making art!

What kind of work have you done and for what companies? I’ve done plenty of sponsorship’s by now, with for example Attitude Holland, Killstar, Queen of Darkness. I enjoy working with them because they all let me be free in what kind of photo-shoots I’ll do for them, with who (many of my friends are photographers, real good one’s!) and I will create my own concept, styling with the items they’ll let me pick and send me, and sometimes I even do the editing myself!

I really prefer this artistic freedom, rather than going somewhere and having a make-up artist and stylist kinda decide the whole thing, you know.

Anouk Dyonne Photography

What are your hobbies outside of modeling? I’m a full-time art student and artist. These are no hobbies, I run two businesses: Psychara Art and Psypuff. Though, I would also consider my hobbies, some I work really hard for..!

We took a peak at your artwork and we love it! What inspired your style of art?

Marije Photography

My artwork is always inspired by my fascinations, which mostly is anything dark & mysterious, the occult and pagan history, alchemy, old legends, songs, and a lot of inspiration comes from nature. My illustration work is sketchy and mostly black and white; I like to work quite fast and not too perfectly or precise, I have no patience for that! Unless it’s my textile work, then I do like to get very precise!

What is your favorite band? Opeth! Love ‘m.

What is your favorite type of music? Oh, I listen to só many different genres.. I guess I’d say metal, even though that’s a pretty broad genre as well. But I also listen to movie or game soundtracks when I’m working, or crazy music like Igorrr or Venetian Snares. Or Beyoncé, yep.

How would you describe your personality? Positive and passionate! I’m always happy, try to see the good things in all. But I can also be very ambivalent about things I’m passionate about, and I will stand my ground but also be open-minded. A little bit of everything perhaps, haha.

Sharon Duursma Photography

What is your favorite personal style? What type of Goth would you classify yourself as? Strega fashion, which isn’t really an original goth style, but definitely something that is coming up online as a legit thing. It’s a fashion that has no rules or boundaries besides the only rule being inspired by witches. And that’s personal for everyone, so it’s a very limitless style!

Vampire or Werewolf? Vampy.

What’s your biggest fear? I’m gonna sound real cheesy here, but losing the one’s I love.

What’s the one thing you want to do more than anything? Top of your bucket list. Swim with humpback whales in the wild! Check it out on Youtube there’s videos from GoPro on that and it’s so freaking magical.

Modeling for Dollskill

You say that you are a forest witch. Tell us what that means and entails. I am a witch, but not like Wiccan or anything. I don’t know, the witch part is quite personal, it’s something that I am and I do practice some magic, such as runes, crystals, tarot. I get a lot of inspiration from the forest, like, pine tree forests are my obsession! Whenever I’m feeling stressed or overworked, I need to recharge in the forest. Which sounds very floaty and weird perhaps, but it’s like how other people recharge with friends in a café, or at home with a book.

But the witch part is pretty spiritual yeah, but also quite personal and I wouldn’t really know how to explain it better..!

Anything else you want to say to your fans? I LOVE YOU ALL, y’all cool and beautiful <3

Modeling for AllNewRock
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Abigail Wildes
Abigail Wildes
May 06, 2018

Love your art and spirit~

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