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Dark Nuclear Survivor Inspired Art By Gary Bennett.

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Bennett is a contemporary artist, his work is emotive based on his life experiences he explores the effects of war on humanity and its traumatic imprint, revealing many questions. Growing up in Northern Ireland losing friends to a period of time dubbed the troubles this was to have a profound impact on his life. As an artist it gave way to the foundations of his work that gives the viewer a rear insight into traumatic events, and how it makes you feel, rather than something that is for him commercially driven.

"Digging for survivors"

In response as a young man, Bennett joined the British Army. It whilst serving in Germany he himself was severely injured.

Recently his work was brought to the attention of the British Nuclear Test Veteran Association. Being invited to meet and interview the victims of testing. Bennett was commissioned to create work based on these interviews. Thereafter becoming the official artist for the BNTVA. Production harrowing images depicting young conscripts being suspected to the cruellest of senesces. In these interviews men spoke of how as young boys at the site of atom bombs exploding they believed Armageddon had come to them. They started cry, fell to their knees asking God for forgiveness.

Over 20,000 survives men where used in supporting scientists during the late 50’s into the early 60’s. Less than 2,000 are left today mostly if not all have several kinds of cancer. The British government has never taken responsibility or given compensation to the victims.

Today Bennett lives a quite almost reclusive life, working from his studio in the Isle of Man. He was once quoted to have said “I never went to war, war come to me”.

"Angel & The Fallen"

"Judgement 2"


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