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Dark & Beautiful Eye Candy by Au-Contraire Photography

Melanie Plum, photographer for Au-Contraire Photography immediately caught our attention with her dark, fantasy photographs.

Melanie is based in Germany and has worked internationally with fashion magazine and commercial clients. She gave us a little glimpse into her work and creative process:

“I’m a storyteller. You find a lot of emotions in my work, very dark and sad moments standing next to bright moments. I love to shoot in nature or old, noble buildings that are silently decaying. It enhances the message of each photograph. It also provides contrast between the decay and the beauty of the model.”

I find her work enchanting and magical. I am always excited to see her new work.

Melanie shared:

"My pictures are about stories, moments, emotions and about a certain meaning. Some are playful, some are melancholic, some are dreamy and some are sad. Within all those aspects I try to always capture something special, whether it be the location, the model or as it happens ever so often in capturing the fusing of a human with a certain place.

All these things I do in order to move people, to make them think further about things, as well as to amaze the viewer.

Ever so often the journey is the destination and the journey often mirrors itself within my work."

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