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What Pisses Off Elena Vladi? We get personal with front singer for Red Queen.

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Dateline: Seattle, August 23, 2017 -Trouble

We had a chance to interview Elena Vladi and got to ask her fun questions like what pisses her off and what’s her greatest fears. As always our interviews do not disappoint.

So let’s start with those of you who might not have heard of Elena Vladi. She is lead singer of Red Queen, an iconic model for our community and an entrepreneur, who just started her own jewelry line.

“My band’s name is Red Queen,” she tells us. “It currently consists of me (Elena Vladi), Patrick Crisci and our Phantoms. Phantoms are our live musicians who prefer staying masked.”

“How do your songs formulate?” I asked.

“Usually, I start the song idea at my home recording studio, write lyrics and do some basic drum and keys programming,” Elena said. “Then I take it to Pat’s studio in Vegas where we complete the song with his guitars and proper mix and production.”

Elena has musical influences. She looks up to Deftones, KoRn, Crosses, Slipknot and Rammstein. She also likes to listen to a lot of downbit chillout stuff when she is at home.

“Movies, books and my own dreams inspire me the most.”

“What’s at the top of your playlist right now?” I asked.

“Royksopp, Gunship, and New Retro Synth Wave is really cool while driving. I’ve also been listening to Crosses & Hurts lately.”

Of course I snuck in a a couple fun questions.

“Any secret music loves you are embarrassed to admit?” I asked.

“Damn…I can’t say that I’m embarrassed of many of my music preferences because I’m extremely open-minded with music and like anything from soothing New-Age to brutal Death Metal,” she told us. “I’m not a fan of rap…except some Brooke Candy’s stuff, some Eminem too. But new rap, that is so-called mumble-rap, just sounds like humanity is evolving backwards.”

“What really pisses you off?” I asked. This of course is one of my favorite questions to ask.

“I think probably the meat industry,” she said. “How we force intelligent creatures into birth, cage them, then slaughter for temporary mouth pleasure. And completely ignoring the value of life, refusing to evolve and pass that cave man unhealthy and gruesome habit. Lots of people are still unaware of the vast meat substitution choices that every store carries these days.”

“What’s your greatest fear?”

“Hmmm…I don’t know. I don’t like heights,” she said. “I think it’s better than I not expose my greatest phobia to the world.”

“Tell us one weird thing about yourself.”

“I have a rare blood type. I’m the small 2% of the human population with extremely rare blood. I inherited it from my father who I lost when I was twelve.”

Of course we asked a few questions about her new album.

“Which song means the most to you and why?”

“I wrote Star Ruby, Asyphyx long time ago, they reflect feelings and emotions from my past and the song Alchemy in between of past and present. Insidious and Naked were collaboration with our guitar player Patrick Crisi; Those two songs are my latest and current reflection of me,” Elena told us.

“Any songs you have a love/hate relationship with?” I asked.

“I don’t have those for you,” she said laughing. “But I guess, like every artist, I could always wish for a better funded project.”

“Okay, so what’s your next aspiration? We hear you have a jewelry line coming out!”

“Yes!!!” An online jewelry shop is in the works,” Elena said. “You can sign up to get notified when it opens at We are almost done. The store ranges from high end diamond and gold to affordable fashion and jewelry items.”

Elena has a special note to all her fans before we leave.

“I’d like to thank all my fans for loving my music and for staying always with me!”

You can follow Elena Vladi and her band, Red Queen at:

Instragram: @ElenaVladi.


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