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Tips for a Goth dating a Pale Heart (non-Goth)

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Love is mysterious. We love, who we love and sometimes a Dark Soul finds themselves falling head over heals for a Pale Heart (non-Goth). We get asked all the time, “can it work?” The answer is a resounding OF COURSE!

Ever heard of Yin Yang? The dark and the light balancing one another in perfect harmony. So a Goth can find love and harmony in the arms of a Pale Heart.

Here are a few tips to help you with your new love:

1. Accept one another for who you are. Keep an open mind. Don’t try to chance  your significant other into a Goth or vice versa. Goth Culture is about being who you are and accepting people as they are. So if someone isn’t Goth, we shouldn’t try to cram them into our box. Avoid negative comments about one another’s style. Stay positive.

2. Be patient with each others friends. Your Goth friends may not understand why you are dating a Pale Heart and your true love’s friends may not understand what they see in a Goth. It may take time for them to get to know you and your friends to get to know your girlfriend/boyfriend. In the end, your real friends will support you. You may just find out who those are.

3. Find common ground. They may not like your Goth-dark music and may not like their pop-rock but you will find hobbies and interests that are similar. Focus on these.

We would love to hear encouraging words and advise from our readers. Comment below. Share with friends who may need some advise.


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