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The Devil Does Not Wear Prada! Gothic Renaissance. (Goth in Gotham City Series)

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Dateline: New York, December 2016 -Trouble

I love New York. It is one of my favorite cities in the world. But what dark soul doesn’t like Gotham City? And yet, I am not a New Yorker. Although I kind of wish I was.

I’ve been writing a series called “Goth in Gotham City” and this is one more installment. I stumbled across the absolutely most amazing store for anyone who has a weird side. You can be Goth, alternative, metal, punk, steampunk or whatever box or category you want to wrap around

yourself. Trust me, this is the store for you.

Gothic Renaissance, located at 108 4th Avenue on the lower east side pretty much has whatever your dark soul could desire. I can guarantee you will not leave empty handed and you’ll probably have a Christmas list as long as Santa’s.

Gargoyles guard the entrance and once you pass over to the dark side, sensory overload takes over.

The store owner, Stitch Azintime is exactly what you would expect from the owner of a store like this. He is dark, metal, rock and roll and has a chill vibe. You’ll want to chat him up next time you’re there for the most current info on the Goth and metal scene in New York.

In case the photos aren’t enough to entice you over their threshold, let me explain. They have a rave glow in the dark room with clothes to try on and practice your dance moves, if you must. There is a wall of masks, including metal masks with spike, Venetian and Dia de los Muertos masks. Three racks (no pun intended) of hundreds of corsets and another wall of under-the-bust corsets. Racks of trench coats, bustle coats or whatever kind of wrap you need.

Of course there is makeup, tights, harnesses, toys, hats, belts, fetish, steampunk, dresses, coats, jewelry and even headdresses. And if that isn’t enough, you can also buy massive goth or even

steampunk angel or demon wings which are mounted on the ceiling as if they were going to descend down upon you.

And don’t forget the shoes and boots with racks and racks to chose from. In here, the devil does not wear Prada.

Decor consists of vases of black roses and an upside down black Christmas tree. We are definitely speaking my language now.

And last, but not least, when you are ready to pay, you must slide your money across a Ouija board.

Bring your wallet, (or shove your money in your pocket, because the wallets here are

awesome) and get to spending or even just come to hang with my man, Stitch. You will find whatever you are looking for at Gothic Renaissance.


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