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Goth is not a sickness!

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Sometimes Pale Hearts (non-goths) see Goth as some form of rebellion or a mental sickness. Goth isn’t some horrible disease we have all caught, it is a sub-culture. A group of people that like the same kind of music, like the same style of clothes, like dark art and deep poetry. If those qualifications made a sub-culture a disease I think the entire world would be sick. Goth is just like other sub-cultures. Maybe I should list out some other subcultures so you can understand what a sub-culture is.

Biker, Bodybuilding, Jugglers, Cheerleaders, Cosplayers, Grunge, Heavy metal, Hippy, Hipster, Jock, Military Brat, Neo-Victorian, Preppy, Rave, Skater, Steampunk, Swing Kids, Straight Edge, Teenybopper, Jocks, and so on.

So would you say that Jocks are diseased because they are athletic and subscribe to that sub-culture? What about Hippies or Preppy? Didn’t think so.

So just remember when your daughter, son, boyfriend, girlfriend, or grandmother decides to expose her Dark Soul to the light, don’t treat them any differently. They are still the same person, they are just learning to express their true inner self and finding a positive way to relate to other people who hold their same interest and values.

Without the night, there would be no day. Love the Dark Souls in your life.


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Jul 18, 2020

Is Pale Hearts a commonly known name? I don't think I have heard it before. I've never really been around goths before so I was pretty much alone. I myself have faced minor, subtle discrimination. Primarily when I started to dress rather flamboyantly.

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