Rules for Members & Forum


For all the new people to our community. This is a positive forum. We are here to make friends, encourage one another and be positive. Any negative, rude or bullying comments will result in the comments being deleted and the user being banned immediately with no warning.

No spamming. And please do not post things that will cause dissension in the group. Any drama will result in comments, posts and people being deleted immediately. Don't cause any problems. Stay positive peeps!

Please keep it PG13. No nudes (or almost nudes) or sexual content.

Do not use our group to profit and make money. We also do not allow asking for money or any form of advertising without permission. You may share your art, jewelry or whatnot, but not advertise, which includes links. Bands are okay! <3

Do not advertise other groups and use this group to gather your own following.

Last, this is not a hook up site. Anyone trying to hit up women or men or trolling for dates or hookups will be blocked immediately. Make friends. Show respect for the people here. Do not private message people who did not give you permission.

If you see anyone breaking the rules you are welcome to report the post or their comment and we will view it. This helps keep our group a great place to be.

English only. This is only so that admins can monitor all conversations and make sure that all the rules are adhered to.


Thank you.

Stay dark people! <3 #adminteam

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